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Our story and mission

We started Studentscout to solve a problem that we experienced as students ourselves. It is nowadays very difficult to find the perfect internship. The well-known career sites are mainly used by large companies with large recruitment budgets. These career sites are also known as user-unfriendly. This only makes it more difficult to find an internship that fits te student.

Students are the next generation that will enter the workforce. They are bright, eager to learn and they have an eye for new opportunities. Students are also the ones that can adapt new technologies fast and know how to use them to make the world a better place.

The skillset and innovative thoughts of students can be of good use in an environment where innovation is the daily standard. You find this environment mainly at startups. In our opinion students can add value to startups and develop themselves at the same time.

Since we started our online platform we’ve been on a mission to make it easier for students to find their perfect internships at innovative startups. Whether it is the next Uber, AirBnB or the next Tesla. At the same time, we want to make it as efficient and effective as possible for startups to hire the most talented students to grow their business.

What is studentscout?

Studentscout is an innovative online job board for students that want to find their perfect internship. It is for students who want to develop themselves and also want to make a meaningful contribution to startups. We make it able for students and startups to get easily in touch with each other. At the same time, we make it possible for startups to choose their perfect students from a database.

How does our online platform work?

After creating a student profile you can add your resume to your account. It is recommended to fill this in as complete as possible. When finishing your profile you can apply on internships, follow companies and get notified after they placed a new internship, message directly the startup you want to work with after applying and you have the possibility to put internships on your shortlist.

Startups can place their internship on our website and get direct access to a database with thousands of students. We give startups also the possibility to send directly a message to students you want to work with. Everything we do is aimed to make it easier for students and startups!

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Why Studentscout?

It’s all about connecting students with the most amazing startups. We love startups and they love us back!


Get access to hundreds of resumes and connect with high potential students


Giving a super easy way to manage job, applications, message, shortlist, advanced filter and so on.


Collect reviews from students that already have worked at your company


Students can manage their own resumes, applications, turn on job alerts, bookmark jobs, follow startups and much more!


Companies can chat online on our platform with potential interns. We’ve created the easiest way to get in touch with the perfect student!


We work together with different universities in The Netherlands. They help us deliver the brightest and most talented students.


Studentscout is an online platform for talented students that are searching for cool internships at amazing startups.

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